Leadership comes with pressure

When Simone Biles returns home to her hometown of Houston some think a party should be held in her honor. Others, not so much. One Texas Attorney General says she’s an embarrassment. Biles grew up in Spring, Texas, just a short drive from Houston. She has 25 world medals; 19 of those are gold.

She’s a true athlete, and she knows her limits.

Biles has also created a renowned training facility and uses her abilities to help and train others to reach their potential. Elite athletes move to Texas to train with Biles. She’s created a name and a reputation…

Anyone can be canceled

Tom Hanks goes synonymously with an all-American good guy and household name. He’s one of my personal favorite movie guys — the other one is Morgan Freeman. When you see his name in the headlines, you can safely assume that good news will follow.

Living final moments through text messages

I wanted to pull my hair out. Saying goodbye is never easy, but no one should have to say goodbye like this, ever. When your last name is my mom’s maiden name and you live in a small town where politics are alive and well, the mention of a certain name can get people to look the other way. When you have an Irish-Polish last name like ours, certain events just happen. Such is the case of the last thirteen hours of my mom’s life.

My Uncle managed to become mom’s power of attorney. How someone who had been diagnosed…

Dare to dream, believe, become

As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. My mom used to take walks with me late at night and we would look at the stars and identify constellations. We would point to the moon and wonder what it is like to walk on it.

As a child, you believe anything is possible. You don’t know constraints or think you can overcome them. Children dream with abandon and believe in their hearts that nothing will hold them back.

Too often, adults let go of their dreams as life and culture choke them out. But, dreams can survive. …

Many online platforms don’t allow you to grow your list

Your list is everything if you’re an entrepreneur. It allows you to talk with people who enjoy your content and connect with those you serve. Most online platforms don’t allow you to develop your list directly, although they often make an allowance for you to link to a landing page or opt-in.

You can’t trust online platforms because they change without notice, and in most cases, don’t allow you to get the email addresses of those who follow you unless you provide opportunities for people to opt-in directly on your website. …

Some choices aren’t red or blue, but shades of grey

I’m about to step in it here big time.

I’m sick of hearing about common-sense decisions being one person’s excuse for attacks and judgments against another.

When does whether or not you wear a mask or get a needle put in your arm become a reason for such bigotry and hatred toward your fellow human being?

At the basic, most fundamental understanding is right versus wrong. And no one pushing their beliefs on anyone else. …

What you learn may surprise you

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”– Mason Cooley

We’ve been in place for too long. As we wake up to some semblance of a normal life we encounter new struggles. The difficulty can make us into someone better than we’d ever imagined, or bring us to our knees. Whatever difficulty you’re facing, may these stories encourage you.

Ayodeji Awosika examines self-improvement.

Three Common Approaches to Self-Improvement

I don’t care what you do with your life.

I want you to be happy, fulfilled, or whatever word makes the most sense to you when it comes to living the life you want, but I don’t care what you do.

If you decide…

Capture timeless treasures in creative ways

Move over Michaelangelo, the slab of marble in the center of town is no longer yours. It belongs to the robots. Sweating in the sun of summer and freezing in the cold of winter while contorting your body into torturous positions to sculpt doesn’t have to be the love of your art or the painful wear on your body.

Who needs the actual statue of David when robots can make a replica to the same proportions? Technology pits the teamwork of robots and lasers to create a replica of the original against timeless treasures that are crumbling under their own…

At least that’s what my doctor says

Woman in stress
Woman in stress

Three weeks to the day of receiving the second covid shot I woke up in immense pain. At first, I thought it was just the day after a really intense workout. Delayed onset muscle soreness usually begins the day after an intense workout and can last for up to three days.

This was different pain, and a rash appeared too. Then my body started to burn all over. A quick Google search and a trip to the doctor brought answers I hadn’t expected.

The rash I thought was poison ivy was shingles. She only had to glance to make a…

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