When Cancel Culture Comes for Tom Hanks

Anyone can be canceled

Nicole Akers
5 min readJun 16, 2021


Tom Hanks: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tom_Hanks_2014.jpg

Tom Hanks goes synonymously with an all-American good guy and household name. He’s one of my personal favorite movie guys — the other one is Morgan Freeman. When you see his name in the headlines, you can safely assume that good news will follow.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tom_Hanks_2014.jpg

Hanks has acted in movies that are box office hits because we are drawn into strong emotional stories, as in Saving Private Ryan. You may also know him from Cast Away, Big, Sully, Polar Express, Forrest Gump, or numerous other films. Additionally, Hanks has received a Hollywood star for his efforts.

And he’s an honoree of the 37th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, evidenced by those rainbow ribbons in the featured image.

Both his on-screen and in-person characters line up with we know about him as a good guy.

Fans around the world ached with Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson when they announced they had both tested positive for having Coronavirus in April of 2020 and were hospitalized in Australia for a time.

No wonder we’re a little shocked when Tom Hanks and cancel come together in the headlines. Even NPR’s Eric Deggans praised Hanks, referring to him as “wise” and “wonderful.” Deggans went on to say:

“First I must note how much I love Tom Hanks as a performer, Hollywood citizen and all-around stand-up guy.” And he went on, in a measured way, to urge that Hanks should now go further: “After many years of speaking out about race and media in America, I know the toughest thing for some white Americans — especially those who consider themselves advocates against racism — is to admit how they were personally and specifically connected to the elevation of white culture over other cultures.”

The crux of the matter stems from Hanks’ guest essay for The NY Times, calling for more truth and exploration of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Deggans doesn’t believe Hanks went far enough in his statements. It’s not enough to speak out against the matter. Being non-racist isn’t enough. Deggans writes he wants Hanks to be anti-racist in…



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