Doing the Right Thing is So Darn Hard

Especially when there’s no right answer

Nicole Akers
7 min readDec 14, 2021


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We planned to go to a concert. Remember when you could go to a concert and not have to worry about whether you should go or how to be safe if you do go?

Our family treasures the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show as a time where we make special memories. Usually we go out to eat for a special dinner before the show. Last year the show was virtual only. Popcorn and a Doordash meal weren’t quite the same. Special moments made as common as family movie night at home on the couch.

This year we want so badly to be normal, like a pang in our loins, aching to do the things we used to do. Can you relate to the same feeling?

We found tickets at a fantastic deal at a special opening day ticket sale and were excited the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would again take the stage.

We decided not to tell the girls too early in case something changed. Events and allowances still change quickly. By the night before the event we thought we were in the clear. The girls had been asking, “Can we go this year?” Finally we answered, “Yes, tomorrow night.” Imagine the high-pitched little girl squeal. Yes, that’s what we heard.

The oldest sent a text from school around noon, “Guys, I don’t feel right, and I think I could have COVID.” She’s already at school and nothing will change the course for anyone she’s been around. There are only a few hours until she gets home. Surely we can stay the course. She persisted, “Can you come to pick me up and get me tested right now?”

The close contact notices had picked up again at school. There had been several confirmed notices over the last week, but also close-contact — as within 3-6 feet — confirmed as COVID positive in three of her classes, including one about her teacher being positive.

What’s the right thing to do?

A quick search reveals that no testing spot has an opening to get tested within an hour drive one-way, and there’s the concert tonight. We can’t possibly get her tested, get the result, and get back in time. I can purchase a couple of home tests and we can have the results right now to put everyone at ease.



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