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I think part of this divide is the belief in a dream that tuned out to be a misguided fairy tale. Boomers could go work for 20 years and earn a gold watch and retirement if that’s the path they choose.

Xers, knew they had to go to college, at least that’s what Boomer parents said, but no one knew how much college would cost or the debt it would saddle Xers and Millennials with. That said, Boomers probably didn’t plan on anyone making an experience out of college. My parents said to get in, get an education, and get out. That’s exactly what I did and fought to do so because girls didn’t deserve the honor. It was reserved for the sons of the family. I worked my tail off, got scholarships, and (gasp) worked my way through college. So many don’t want to work through college. They want Mommy and Daddy to pay for everything or accumulate debt that saddles them for the rest of their lives. They get to make their choices and live with those consequences.

Electronics have changed many things. They are overused and used as babysitters. My kids have some to use, the oldest has a cell phone with no social media and would be challenged academically without one. The youngest has a tablet for learning, reading, and entertainment. A balance is difficult to keep, but the intent is to learn first to earn entertainment and switch back and forth during times where electronics can be used, which is not all the time. No electronics at dinner and they all get turned off at least an hour before bed. And, parental controls on all devices so kids don’t wander the internet freely.

Balance and boundaries seem to be key as well as respect and hard work.

Happy Mom of 2 bringing you amazing tips on parenting, travel, & lifestyle with a touch of humor & sarcasm | 🐶 Mom | Founder of Publishous. Keep that smile.

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