Hey, Tom Kuegler, you’ve moved from my mentor to being my friend. And, you’re both. ;-)

I need to ask this question. I saw your live FB video today, and I’m curious; did your mom and dad paint your room while you were away? It’s a different color than videos before your trip. Also, your sign is gone. Some day I’ll ask about the 6 and Rachel. ;-)

I notice the details.

Also, so glad to see Sophie today. I bet she moaned because she’s glad you are home. Honestly, I miss my Bentley so much! When you showed her I said, “Sophie” out loud and both the girls and Clay whipped their heads around and smiled and laughed.

They said, “Tom must have a dog and her name must be Sophie”.

I vicariously rubbed her ears and fluffed her belly. Hope you bring her along as a sidekick to one of your videos soon. Talk soon, my friend.

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