Hi Caroline DePalatis! I can point you to several people right off the cuff who will back up that writers have been removed for this very action. Some pubs take an extremely hard line on these actions.

A few points:

  1. This substantiates why pubs should only be accepting drafts. When a writer has clicked publish first they mistakenly sometimes believe the publish is theirs. (The work is undoubtedly belongs to the writer, in my opinion). Some pubs will disagree. What I mean to uncover here is that the pub should be clicking publish on a piece sent to a pub, not the writer. It allows for a different frame of mine, which I believe is the intended mindset on this platform.
  2. When the pub clicks publish it is an agreement to use the pub’s influence for the piece in the form it is presented at the time of publish.
  3. To change the piece with a hard edit after publish may change the pub’s mind to have the piece in its publication.
  4. Medium is a blogging platform and the publish with a pub is different then the publish on an individual’s blog publish, or the publish to an individual’s profile. If you want to enjoy the freedom of continuous editing, that’s a piece probably best on your profile. All publish-es are not equal. ;-)

If you want to make changes to a piece after it is published I strongly recommend asking the pub’s agreement to the changes before they are made.

Let’s reframe what you are asking — Let’s say you have a hardcopy book and want to make revisions to it. You would have to go back to the publisher, back through the editing and publishing process to arrive with a revised edition. The same is true here. To substantially change the piece means you should go back through the process.

Could you get by with it a time or two? Probably. Honestly, it’s not a risk I am willing to take with any pub who has honored me with a title of writer. I want their benefits and I don’t want my actions to change this.

Is it really worth the risk?

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