Hi Dave! Somehow, I thought you might disagree with the point of view here. And, no hard feelings whatsoever. I really think you should write your own separate post.

I can see it now: I read this post the other day and I so wholeheartedly disagree, I had to write this. Let it loose, Dave! You feel strongly about this and it’s some of the best writing when we lean into the emotions.

Interestingly, I wrote this because I spent a little time with family and was emotionally charged the other direction. A small bit of family gathered and the understanding was that we had all quarantined, not gone back to work, and had had minimal public contact. I mean, we gotta buy food; right? But, the day before gathering, one arm hosted a gathering, with no distancing precautions then came to an otherwise safe place and passed all of those risks on to the rest of us. I was angry that a family member would put my immediate family and my kids at risk and not care enough to stay away.

We have choices to make. And, if we don’t want to honor the restrictions, that’s a personal choice, but we have an obligation to not pass along risks to others — that’s reckless. And, that’s unacceptable.

Happy Mom of 2 bringing you amazing tips on parenting, travel, & lifestyle with a touch of humor & sarcasm | 🐶 Mom | Founder of Publishous. Keep that smile.

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