Hi Erika! I hear you, loud and clear.

Why plan so hard for in life, when priorities change so drastically?

Part of the difference is generational. Likely our parents grew up in a place and stayed there their whole lives. That just isn’t true for a lot of people today. People move when jobs move or change.

It’s much the same with furniture. Our parents had heirlooms. That’s great for them. Maybe not so great for us who feel saddled by having to keep the heirlooms that weigh us down.

Life is more fluid then we give it credit for. When we get locked into a plan it is sure to change.

Change is the only constant. Sameness holds us back.

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Founder of Publishous. Mom of 2. Helps writers write better. Get my book, Make Money on Medium: Build Your Audience & Grow Your Income: https://amzn.to/2WI48e8

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