Hi Kate Findley! Thanks for commenting. You’ve given me the opportunity to clarify two points where this does not apply.

  1. The blog post import. Medium’s import tool is slick and easy to use. It also adds a non-removable line of text: “Originally published on ______”. This is a bit of code that backlinks to the blog and allows Google to see and knowingly give its appropriate Google love. This does not apply.
  2. The pub solicited piece. The piece the pub solicits to be added to a publication has already been published, does not apply, and should be sent “as is”, upon said request.

The aim of this piece, and I believe Medium’s workflow diagram, is meant to suggest that writers who newly release a piece on Medium should not post to their profile first, then go submit it to a pub. If the piece is meant to be published through a pub the piece should be sent there first.

Does this help? If not please continue to let me know how I can help. Appreciate you!

Happy Mom of 2 bringing you amazing tips on parenting, travel, & lifestyle with a touch of humor & sarcasm | 🐶 Mom | Founder of Publishous. Keep that smile.

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