Hi Kevin T. Cunningham, thanks for reading and commenting. Glad to have a meaningful conversation with you.

The clapping for member pieces is a confusing piece of engagement. To reiterate it is not the only part of engagement, but perhaps the most confusing. The claps a member gives to member pieces and not only distributed among the number of authors clapped for, but also by the number of claps given. Hopefully linking to the Medium guidelines within the piece is helpful. So, the more authors a member claps for and the number of claps issued means each clap is worth less revenue (again, as cited within Medium guidelines).

The spirit of engagement is needed and every writer craves it. Here’s a rhetorical question as writers who continually grow and develop we ask ourselves questions continually. Have you ever wanted something, perhaps a fleshly nature, that you later found out wasn’t the best way to approach the situation?

The claps, fewer, and heavier revenue will show in analytics and payout if we are patient enough to see them and the money appear.

I recently had lunch with a couple of big names on Medium. I’ll be writing about it soon. One told me that if I bought his book and wrote a written review with a tag he would clap 12 times. In many minds people would say “Awesome, he/she bought and read my book and wrote a review. Isn’t that worth 50 claps?”

Not according to the best and brightest out there who are wildly successful. I’ll be revisiting this soon. The best of the best out there issue fewer claps and also encourage by engaging in highlights, comments, shares … It’s all engagement. And, I think all engagement is inspiring and encouragement. Do you agree?

But, for those who want revenue from this platform, more claps from more authors is not necessarily better. The piece I wrote is mainly in reference to locked pieces. I usually clap more generously for unlocked pieces. And, on member pieces where I clap less, but with claps that carry more revenue, I also attempt to offer some other engagement. It’s more difficult and takes longer, but these aspects are also factored into the algorithm and are part of engagement. Hope this is helpful.

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