Nicole Akers
2 min readApr 22, 2024
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I'm not surprised at the big numbers Swift’s new album is pulling in. She’s crashed Ticketmaster and Spotify. 50 million disagree with me. No problem. I'm glad to be different from the herd, and I am often so. Swift has more number-one albums than any other woman in history, and her Swifties will follow her anywhere.

I notice at least two pieces in the New York Times. One suggesting that more is not better (by a similar headline). And another suggesting Swift's new album needs an editor:

While not in the majority, I am not alone. And that's okay. As you've eloquently stated, I'm glad you are enjoying the music.

I couldn’t miss “The Black Dog” as a lover of dogs, and I purchased the black dog album edition.

Thanks for the pic; it is a note in the album, again not a surprise, and a sentiment I can fully support as a writer.

Again, it's not just the cussing. I love me some Eminem and Drake. From Swift, here, it feels forced in an almost immature way.

To me, it seems that Swift is teetering between moving on and letting go, possibly an internal conflict, and possibly a marketing ploy for more dollars. Either way, it’s hers to choose, and I call it like I see it.

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