Jennifer Sartore Hulst, this was amazingly helpful. I read both links, then consulted the media release for my children’s school, which I found on the district website.

The media contract says that requestors can ask for directory information, then defines the term to include name, address, telephone, email, and date and place of birth. Photo: Participation in officially recognized activities and sports (and weight and height of athletic members). And, major degree of study, degrees honors and awards, dates of attendance, grade level.

This seems to support your reflection of editorial comment. The imaged documents show that I did not fully opt out (completely restricted).

I opted in for School related release: school sponsored and related purposes, School Resource Officers (PTO, Booster club, newsletters, school websites, videos, press releases and the district’s telephone notification system.

I opted in for Higher Education: Colleges and universities.

I opted out for Military schools.

I opted out for public release of any requestor who follows the procedure of request.

This stands to reason that I said okay to reasonable editorial sharing.

It does not stand to reason that I opted in for any commercial use of the child’s photo for any commercial means either by the school or any agent of the school (contracted school photographer). And, I live in Texas, specifically mentioned at the bottom of one of your links.

That’s a lot of food for thought.

I think I’ll be stopping by the school office next week. ;-)

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