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Publishous needs to look more like a traditional publication than a blog

Here’s where it gets tricky. Traditional publications — think newspapers and magazines — have subscribers who support them directly (i.e. subscriptions and newsstands), so they don’t need to make you read an article, they need you to want to read an article.

Clickbait “performs” for bloggers, but not for curated content

The subscribers at Medium pay for their memberships and when Medium curates a piece, it’s as if they’re publishing it in their “newspaper” (for lack of a better analogy). Therefore, they don’t want to oversell it to their members. They want titles that provide information, not provocation. So, if you want to appear among the curated, you’ve got to ditch the clickbait. Granted, this is a recent change, so you’ll still see some clickbait titles getting curated here and there.

Personal anecdotes are fine, but they don’t count as research or information

Everyone loves a good story. Stories speak to the heart, and they are great ways to make information memorable. However, they are not information in and of themselves. Frame the “I” story as “you” so it relates to the reader and she feels like she is part of the story.

What works for you may not work for us and vice-versa

There’s no doubt that clickbait titles perform… for bloggers and independent writers.

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