Reclaim Serendipity and Peace of Mind When You Run With Wild Horses

Enjoy carefree moments of peace

Nicole Akers
2 min readMar 13, 2022


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Waking up just an hour earlier than usual could reduce your risk of depression by 23%, according to one study.

You may have escaped yesterday’s inner turmoil during your slumber, but it’s back as soon as you open your eyes today. I’ve found getting up earlier than the rest of the family helps. I need my mental space to get right for the day. Through meditation, I gain clarity and peace of mind. Without these early moments, the day is a struggle.

During these moments with myself and my mind, the order of the day gets set right. This morning I found beautiful relaxing music, and it may help you if you feel similarly.

As wild horses roam the forest, we search for life, food, and water. We live in the peace of simplicity being enough. You can hear the birds sing and feel the order of nature. The simple state of being is enough.

Stress leaves and peace washes over us. Answers come that may otherwise never have arrived in this stream of consciousness.

If you don’t like where you are, you are free to move to somewhere greener, more peaceful. Run, if you have to escape, but move. Get out of this place. Climb the mountain. Walk along the treacherous edge of the peak where one false step means death. Take the risk because if you stay here, you will certainly die.

Reclaim your mental health and your sanity. It is yours for the taking. The luscious green hills are covered with snow in the winter. Times seem bleak on occasion, but in the spring, wildflowers bloom.

As the snow melts into the water, it finds its way to the river and trickles down the mountainside. Water finds its way to the base and collects into a waterfall. The sun shines as if to smile upon you once again.

Nature offers the purest gifts, and you get to share the peace you’ve found with others. Who will it be? Perhaps your partner or kids? You can share it with strangers too.

You are free to run and gallop. You feel the peace you were always meant to have. And finally, you are free.

Run! Run fast, wild, and be free. Be at peace!

How will you run with wild horses today?

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