Honest Writers Don’t Use Clickbait

You don’t have to lie to your readers.

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Get Rich Quick

Let’s be real for a minute. You know there’s no way to get rich quick. Anyone who’s selling this line is likely a shyster. If you can get rich quickly, a lot more people would be rich. Getting rich takes some combination of luck, skill, risk, reward, and time. If there’s a magic pill or easy path, a whole lot more people would be rich.

Singular Path

If there’s one way to do something, you’re making a promise that doesn’t apply to all. This one book, way, or thing will change your life. Are sirens and buzzers going off? Your Spidey senses ought to be tingling.


Are you suggesting to 3 X, 4 X, 10 X, or supercharge someone’s day? You’re saying it will work for everyone, but this isn’t possible.

Look Inside

Are you using the teaser approach? You want to give the snippet of an infomercial and hold back the answer until the reader clicks through your title to read more. Ex: See #6 Inside. Implement these. One Way to. Try this.

Eliminate False Impressions

Certain words give the wrong impression, and you may not even realize it. If these words are in your title, you’re likely overpromising something to be true: The, This, These. Couple any of those words with “will” and whatever follows is probably a lie. Ex: This Will Change Your Life. These Books Will Transform Your Thinking, The Key(s) to Start Your Day Right.

Final Thoughts

Your readers are the people you want to keep hanging around. Please don’t trick them with dubious titles and content that won’t work for a broad group of people. You don’t want them feeling tricked.

  • Share a personal process
  • Use an element of shock and excitement without creating a false pretense.

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