The Best Speakers are Writers First

Frame a speech the way you write.

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Write a Powerful Introduction

As a writer, you know how to deliver a captivating introduction with words. You can paint a Picasso by sharing words that paint pictures. That’s a gift not every speaker develops with ease. It takes time to create an introduction that is attention-getting and serves your audience. Every good writer can get the attention of an audience early when speaking.

Develop the Framework

The framework is a cinch if you can write. You speak 3–5 well developed supporting points that prop up your main point. As a writer, you probably have a template in your head. It’s the natural flow you follow every time you write. To make your job even easier, you may have developed a few templates that you rotate to keep the writing process exciting and less mechanical.

Orate a Story

Act out the story. You didn’t know you needed to be an actor too; eh? You get to act the story. Acting is the part I love about speaking. You get to interact with the audience in person as you tell the story. You get to laugh and cry with them. You get to ask them questions and see their real-time engagement. This can be a drawback if the audience isn’t engaging with you but can be powerful momentum if you feed off of each other.

End with a Call to Action

Give the reader something to do as you conclude your speech. It’s the same in writing. Don’t just deliver your last talking point and walk off stage. Your audience will be let down. Whether writing or speaking, it’s the same. Offer a CTA, a call to action. It’s the action you want them to take in their lives or the thought you want to consider. Don’t leave the stage or the page until you bring the audience to a new place. Your framework or talking points should be strong enough to make people want to follow what you want them to do. Now ask them to do it.


When you follow the path of good writing, you can follow the same path to be a good speaker. Offer talking points and the best stories to inspire your audience and they will follow you anywhere.

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