The Day Life Went Haywire and Quarantine Broke Me

Schedule a nooner and drink more, if you have to.

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Foster Connection

It’s essential to spend time together fulfilling each other’s needs. We feel more connected to the world when we connect with those we love in meaningful ways. That means focusing on spouses, partners, and kids.

Take Alone Time

Right! That’s a joke. How the hell am I supposed to get alone time? We’re together all the time, and as much as I treasure to cuddle and have happy fun together activities, can I get a flipping moment to my own thoughts?

Schedule a Nooner

Snicker, if you will, but it’s necessary. Better yet, don’t schedule it. Be spontaneous and disappear after lunch.

Drink More

That’s right. Medicate. Have you noticed the spike in alcohol sales?

Learn Something

Please don’t get me started on the amount of property taxes we’re paying for education to good schools. I prepaid. And, taxes don’t go down. Teachers aren’t lesson planning right now. It’s not teachers’ fault either. The district has decided all kids should have basic learning across grades and classes. Standardized BS, I say. Let’s toss the kids a slide deck without real-time learning or instruction. Let’s check the box for the second half of this year. A semester won’t kill anyone, but if you don’t get your shit together by fall, I want a refund on my damn taxes. Are we cool with a refund?

Get it Together

Slow your breathing and think happy thoughts. Be aware of your needs and others’ needs. This won’t be forever.

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