The Ugly Truth About Your Spouse Editing Your Masterpiece

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Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings. — Stephen King

If you ask your spouse to edit your book manuscript, this is what you are asking of your partner.

Are you sure you want to walk this road?

Upon learning my coach asked his wife to edit his manuscript I immediately asked:

And, you’re still married?

Then I asked my spouse to edit my manuscript.

Meet the personas

Noobie and Noobella McNooberton read every word I wrote. They made me and many beta readers laugh. Not just laugh, belly laugh. They are so entwined in Make Money on Medium: Build Your Audience and Grow Your Income that I didn’t realize they had entered the Prologue until my fingers hovered over the approve button for submission to Amazon.

An experienced writer who wants to challenge her/himself by writing alongside other top-level writers who can (you see where this is going) write to more skilled writers, not necessarily because that’s your audience (although it might be), but because you want the McNoobertons to see the potential for this to be a place to become pros.

The book is better because the McNoobertons read it. At times they laughed and told jokes in the notes on the initial Google doc. They used expletives and they talked to each other about what they understood or didn’t understand as they read the rough draft. They poked fun at the author (me) and chided the text.

Have you silenced them yet?

They demanded me to be a better writer.


They were so demanding I hated them.

  • quotes
  • simple descriptions
  • actionable tips

A bridge of understanding

Randy dedicated his time to them and me. He painstakingly went through every one of their comments and built a bridge of understanding for what they were saying. He conveyed their needs in a way I could understand and fulfill them.


If your spouse edits your rough draft it may strain your relationship. Enter the McNoobertons.

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Thank you

Anyone who claims to have written a book is a liar. A book is a collaborative project.

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