Wow, Coleen Higgins, our job as parents is tough! I too wish younger kids would go outside and dig in the dirt and sweat more often.

Social media is a hot-button issue. If we can’t figure out how to handle it as adults, how can we possibly think kids can handle it well?

We have extended family issues, and absent those, (and the fact that mom and dad have degrees in social media) we would have said yes. But, and it’s a big one that includes the points herein, plus the fact that I get sexual solicitation on Instagram. Why, in God’s name would a parent allow his/her children to receive this threat? I can’t guess.

The texts you get about what to eat, when, where, how much etc. are similar to ones I can hear my kids asking not long ago. I think yours are a little younger than mine. They will shake this off.

Concerning social media, ours will get there sooner or later, just not now. We know that once the door is open, there’s no going back to where we are now. We fully intend to lag behind on this curve of acceptance.

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